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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

Workshops • Seminars • Lectures • Keynotes
Dr. Howard conducts workshops, seminars, lectures and motivational speaking for both beginners and the experienced. Her energetic style along with her sense of humor helps her audiences assimilate what is being taught. She is adept at speaking about current events and how they affect society. Her thought-provoking observations add a unique take, leaving the attendee with food for thought. Her impressive ability to discuss a broad range of topics relating to human development makes her a much desired speaker. She covers topics ranging from the accessible to the more profound in nature. Most of her topics are focused on personal growth, human potential and can include a psycho-spiritual approach.

Her unique way of viewing spirituality inclusively brings together many belief systems and helps the listener appreciate human similarities and differences. This embracing interspiritual perspective spans the Jewish mystical path the Kabbalah, the Christian mystical path, along with the mysticism of Islam the Sufi tradition, Hinduism, and finally, Buddhism. These ancient wisdoms can be a guide and path of healing into wholeness. Adding to the larger perspective, she can include quantum physics into what is learned and experienced.

She can share her deep grasp of traveling through consciousness and can bring the audience along with her in an embodied way when she approaches the more profound topics. This embodiment includes moving closer to a direct experience with God, oneness, or non-dual consciousness. The audience is genuinely transformed by her in-depth meditations, as well as her insightful lectures.

Available Presentations
Seminars Workshops:

Dr. Howard will be happy to design a specific talk for your organization.

The following are seminars and workshops, most of which are available for groups and organizations:
  • How to Value Change
  • Creating Lasting Change
  • Intelligence of the Heart
  • Lessons in Maturity
  • Personal Maturity Leads to World Maturity
  • Can We Have Everything?
  • There's No Short Cut to Happiness
  • The Power of Change - Accepting, Embracing, and Inspiring It
  • Relationship as a Vehicle for Healing
  • Finding Your Perfect Life Partner
  • Couples Weekend Retreat
  • Skillfully Creating Boundaries
  • I'm Too Busy to Listen to My Gut
  • Having Great Relationships
  • The Healing Power of Meditation
  • Body Awareness: Gateway to Relaxation
  • Psychological Healing: What is it?
  • Leading With the Heart
  • Living Beyond Our Personal Programming
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Opening to Kabbalah (parts 1&2)
  • Empowering Your Spiritual Warrior
  • What is Mysticism?
  • Transformational Kabbalah
  • The Tree of Life (part 1)
  • The Tree of Life (part 2)
  • Kabbalah, Consciousness & the 4 Universes (part 1)
  • Kabbalah, Consciousness & the 4 Universes (part 2)

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