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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

  Topics:  Happiness Inspirational Motivational Personal Development Spiritual Growth Wellness

The Seed of War vs Embracing Our Differences
Have you ever considered what the seed of war is...   read more..

From Annihilation to Creation: How We Experience Nothingness
We can experience it as a deep gaping abyss that we’re terrified to fall into for fear of annihilation, or as the birthplace of existence, brimming with unlimited possibilities. The difference lies in whether we’re experiencing it as a wounded personal ...   read more..

A Call To Maturity
Maturity lacks in many of today's leaders, although by all appearances they are successful. "A Call to Maturity" encourages growth toward developing a strong, mature sense of self so that we ALL can be the leaders we long for.   read more..

Deep Questioning
How do you feel when you don't know the answer to a question? You might be thinking, well that depends on the question. Yet, many people feel anxious when they don't have answers. As children some of us were told that it's not ok to question things, or that someone who acts like they "know" is the real authority so asking questions might imply that you are less than others. I like to look at questions and questioning in a different way, in a deeper way.   read more..

What Is The Ego and What Do I Do with It?
Depending on who you talk to, the ego is defined in different ways. One point of view says the ego is no good and another says the ego is part of our human experience. Is the ego necessary? What are we to think?   read more..

How to Say "No" Effectively - Part 1
Ever found yourself really wanting to say “No” but saying “Yes” instead? For some of us saying "No" can be difficult. However, learning how to effectively say "No" in an assertive manner rather than not at all or in an aggressive style is an important skill that is freeing and empowering. Learn how to draw clear boundaries.    read more..

Dealing with Your Job Loss
We are living in tumultuous times and you or someone close to you may have lost their job and are feeling any number of emotions.    read more..

How To Say "No" Effectively - Part 2
We were talking about the importance of learning to say “No” effectively in part one. But now how do you go about it? Help with healthy boundaries.    read more..

Coping With The Top Holiday Stresses
According to Mental Health America, the top three holiday stressors are finances, feeling the loss of loved ones and being overwhelmed with all that feels necessary for the holidays.   read more..

8 Ways To Boost Your Creativity
No matter how much we enjoy what we are doing in our life and in our business, there are times when we all find ourselves in need of a creativity jump-start. As many of you know, I'm working on a book to be released this Fall. I greatly enjoy the topic and the writing process, however there are days that I find myself, simply put, feeling stuck.    read more..

How To Make The Holidays With Your Family Less Stressful
Holidays are a time for joy as well as stress. We can make our holidays much more joyful by...   read more..

How to Value Change
For the last several months there has been much talk about change. This has been generated by both candidates in the past election. We live in such contentious times and people are fearful about the uncertainty of what change may mean. Out of these many fears, many end up being scared of people who aren’t like them...   read more..

The Power of Change - Accepting, Embracing, and Inspiring It
Why does it seem so hard for us to change while at the same time life is all about embracing change? Change can involve different viewpoints. For instance, there is the kind of change that we desire, such as wanting to lose weight or make a lot of money, or even marrying the person of our dreams.   read more..

There’s No Short Cut to Happiness
This article explore the question How do we achieve lasting change by journeying and exploring the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Instead of allowing life to happen to us, as though we have little control, we will become more mindful of who we are and learn how to get to where we want to be. Your responsibility is to open up your body, mind and spirit and mine is to help you in this endeavor. Are you ready? Let's begin.   read more..

It’s hard to imagine anything that affects us and influences us more than relationships. Life is all about relationships, whether it is with things, people, ourselves or with the universe. Every day we negotiate the world from these relationships. Relationships vary in their nature, from those with our loved ones—spouse/lover, families, friends, pets—to our homes, our cars, our careers, and, most importantly, to ourselves.   read more..

Healing Trauma
The magnified and unified horror of what we experienced a few short years ago on 9/11 is beyond what most of us Americans have seen in our lifetime. We still can't help but feel helpless, angry, sad, grief, numb, scared, as well as many other hard-to-define feelings. Even though years have gone by, living part-time in New York City gave me some sense of the feelings of the eyewitnesses, bereaved families and everyday residents of the city.   read more..

What is Kabbalah?
The word Kabbalah means "to receive" and flows out of the Jewish mystical tradition. The Kabbalah systematically breaks reality down into a clear understanding and a potential path to wholeness. Most religions have a mystical tradition, but they don't necessarily break it down into bite size concepts.   read more..

What is Mysticism?
What does this word actually mean? Read about its origins from several different spiritual traditions. Mysticism comes from the Greek word meaning, "to conceal”...   read more..

What Is Personal Development?
Personal development is all about change, an over arching term that includes many different approaches to self-improvement. Personal development in its largest context could encompass anything that involves personal growth on all levels, meaning physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   read more..

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