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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

As an artist, singer, dancer, and actor, I realized I couldn’t make the difference I was longing to make. Getting to know myself more deeply helped me recognize that I wasn't fulfilling what I came to do with my life. So I steeped myself in psychology and spirituality, and discovered that our potentials —including happiness, peace and fulfillment—are an inside job.

Committed to helping others, I went on to study, become a psychotherapist, and earn a doctorate. Over the years my passion for spirituality began to blossom even more deeply, and I saw more fully how the spiritual journey affects our peace of mind and state of happiness. I realized that many of the people seeking serenity through a spiritual journey were unable to achieve the lasting change they longed for because of deeply rooted psychological “blocks.” In a similar vein, many of the people looking at their psychological pain couldn’t see the larger picture of the spiritual journey.

As a result, I endeavored to expand my ability to help others through extensive study in psychological development and spiritual growth. I was interested in how the levels of consciousness were related and how they’re all contained in the largest unified paradigm, and was particularly fascinated by how the pursuit of insight in psychology and the available wholeness in spirituality were intertwined. Today, I’m passionate about helping to facilitate meaningful and lasting changes in people’s lives, which allows them to live with grace that is always available.

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