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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

What is it?

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®, (IKH) created by Jason Shulman, is a subtle healing system based on the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. IKH looks at a person’s imbalances in relationship to the Tree of Life.

Dr. Howard’s study of the Kabbalah has spanned over fourteen years. Most of her Kabbalistic training was from A Society of Souls, but she also received instruction from Rabbis and other teachers. Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical path that enables us to live life richly and help unite us with the Divine, Reality, or God. Kabbalah, meaning, “to receive,” is a cosmology of creation and the universe. Understanding and assimilating creation and the fact that we create every minute can help generate a more empowered life. www.kabbalah.org

IKH integrates thirteenth-century Kabbalistic wisdom, quantum physics, psychological thought and teachings of non-duality or oneness with God into a transformative healing modality. Dr. Howard, a formerly active faculty member at A Society of Souls, supervises other IKH healers, and offers sessions available in person at her offices, as well as by phone.

How she works?

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing® uses the Tree of Life and the fundamental conditions that Kabbalah calls the Sefirot. The Kabbalah says that the ten Sefirot comprise the bridge between God and the universe, and is the building blocks to creation itself. Dr. Howard skillfully guides the client to find the heart of the matter, allowing for all that is present in the moment to come forth. This helps truth and ever-present wholeness to awaken, leading to the experience of non-dual or unitive consciousness. With Dr. Howard’s help, the client is able to integrate more of their real self.

What happens in a session?

As she is in her psychotherapy sessions, Dr. Howard is open, engaged, and receptive to what comes up in the moment. Exploring what is presented or what is important at the time of the session is then taken into a deep process of inquiry. This allows both the healer and the client to sink to the root of the issue while all else falls away, dropping into what is most essential. This lets the most profound and sometimes-subtle truth to be revealed, honored, and shared, which invokes healing and balance.

The benefit of doing this level of work in unified consciousness or being present with Reality allows life to be richer, fuller, easier and happier. It is the kind of mature happiness that can tolerate unhappiness and life’s difficulties.

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