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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

The Pleasure of Reading (and giveaway)
Posted: 4/23/2013 | Wellness Comments
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Your Ultimate Life Plan

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” –Voltaire

Read any good books lately? You may not have heard of World Book Night, as it’s only in its second year. Tuesday, April 23, over 25,000 volunteers throughout the country will give away books. The entire book community is involved, including book stores, libraries, authors and publishers. They’ll give away books to people in senior centers, schools, diners and wherever people gather.

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “I need to read more.” We’re all so busy these days, it’s easy to cut out the one leisure activity that enhances our knowledge, builds our vocabularies, provides an escape from our stressful day, and can inspire us to higher and more positive thinking.

Reading also helps us relax and enter another world, allowing our minds to expand while settling our thoughts. It’s hard to slow down and focus enough to read when we’re constantly multitasking and thinking of everything we need to do. If you’ve fallen out of the habit of reading, here’s 5 tips to help you read again.

1. Find a book that inspires you. Choose something that grabs your attention from a reading list or on display at the book store. Pick up something that looks interesting, and let go of what you “should” be reading. Begin with something engaging and easy to read, so it’s easier to finish the book and pick up another.

2. Schedule your daily reading time. Whether it’s 15 minutes with your morning tea before the kids are awake, or an hour in the evening after dinner. Schedule a regular time dedicated to reading. It doesn’t have to be long, but your commitment will grow.

3. Choose a comfy reading spot. Do you have a favorite chair with a great reading light? If not, find one. Choose a place that offers little distraction, and you use primarily for reading. Keep your reading glasses handy, turn off your phone and curl up. A chair is important, because sitting upright will keep you alert. If you’re like me, your eyes close as soon as you’re horizontal at the end of the day.

4. Keep a reading journal. Next to your favorite chair, keep a small journal handy. Write down your thoughts about the book, or keep track of characters. You can also write down unfamiliar words and look them up later. Taking notes helps you stay present to your book, and keeps you coming back for more.

5. Join a book club. Sure, you’re busy. But one night a month can create a structure to finish a book, get acquainted with new books and explore ideas with others. You get so much more out of a book when you share and talk about it with others.

Would you like to read a book that inspires, educates and encourages your spiritual, emotional and mental well-being? Pick up a copy of Your Ultimate Life Plan at your local bookstore, or order it online here.

In the spirit of World Book Night, if you buy the book right after you read this, and give me your order number, you can receive the wonderful bonus gifts that were part of my launch, including over a dozen free ebooks, along with hours of inspiring audios, videos, and other helpful gifts. Go here.

We are also in the process of creating a Book Group Discussion Guide for Your Ultimate Life Plan. Make sure you are on the mailing list so we can let you know when it’s done.

Happy reading!

What are your reading habits, and what difference has reading made for you? Please lend us your thoughts. Your comments make a difference for all of us!

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