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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

5 Ways to Relieve Stress Right Now
Posted: 5/9/2013 8:00:00 AM | Wellness Comments
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In my last blog I talked about the negative impact of stress. We’ll continue to explore what we can do it, how we can reduce and eliminate stress and grow more peaceful and stress-free in our lives. It takes time and practice to reverse our stressful habits, heal and learn healthful new ways of living. So what can you do right now?

Don’t stress, one of these might help! Here are 5 ways you can relieve your stress, right this minute.

1. Breathe. You’ve heard it before. Deep breathing slows the heart, calms the mind and allows your defenses to relax. It’s not only good for your body, it soothes you emotionally regardless of your circumstances. Wherever you are right now, close your eyes (if you can) and inhale deeply. Feel the breath arise from the belly. Try to connect inwardly, just for a moment, to your highest awareness, your deepest wisdom that is always within you. Now, exhale slowly and visualize all your stressful feelings exiting your body with your breath. Continue to breathe, counting your breath, for as long as you can.

2. Call a friend. If you’re upset, pick up the phone and call someone you trust. A quick conversation can relieve a lot of tension by expressing your feelings as well as feeling understood.

3. Journal. Write out whatever is going on for you, as well as all your feelings about it. In addition to expressing your immediate feelings, journaling helps to clarify your thoughts and can sometimes help you work out solutions.

4. Take a walk. Take a brisk walk around the block, or at the very least, to the elevator and back. When you move physically, energy moves through you. Breathe as you walk and swing your arms to help shake off the stress. Take a moment to stretch before you sit down again.

5. Know that it will pass. Nothing lasts forever. With a little time, the intensity of your feelings will subside. With a bit more time, you’ll gain clarity and new perspective of the event or circumstances.

Have you tried these methods in moments of stress? What else has worked for you?

If we have chronic or repeating patterns of stress in our lives, it always helps to get a better understanding and look at the origins of our difficulties. Exploring and getting to know our inner thoughts and feelings can help us not have to live with that chronic stress.

PS: If you'd like more ways to relieve stress RIGHT NOW, as part of my book, Your Ultimate Life Plan, you can download my Free 19-page PDF ebook, 31 Quick & Easy Strategies to Change Your Energy When You Feel Stuck.

Please share your thoughts as it makes a difference for all of us!

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