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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


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What Is The Ego and What Do I Do with It?
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Depending on who you talk to, the ego is defined in different ways. One point of view says the ego is no good and another says the ego is part of our human experience. Is the ego necessary? What are we to think?

One of these views is expressed in quite a few spiritual circles. They say we must get rid of the ego. This particular view of the ego sees the ego as an enemy, as a part of the self to shun. Perhaps this perspective is seeing the ego as similar to the definition of egotism as defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a constant excessive reference to the self; conceit; selfishness.” It would include an “inflated feeling of pride or a reaction of superiority to others.” Some would say this kind of person is egotistical.  

Psychologically the ego is not usually thought about in this way. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the ego is an aspect of personality of a human being. It mediates the demands of the other aspects of the personality called the id and the superego. The ego is the part of us that prevents us from acting on our basic urges or more primitive instincts that flow from the id and also works to achieve a balance with our moral and idealistic standards, coming from the superego. It is considered to be connected to the conscious as well as the unconscious parts of our psyche.  

Could the ego be a mediator and conduit for who we are in our physical form in this life? 

To take this a bit further, the ego could be thought of as a representative of our eternal self and together with our body, houses our soul. This interpretation of the ego is in a sense the self being aware of this self. It is the conscious sense of “who” we are right now and our identity as an individual. In its healed form, it can relax and allow our deeper self to sing the song that only we came to sing. It can be our self expression of a much larger unified context.  

As our life mediator, the ego learned all it knows from our cultures, families and communities. Understanding and working with the ego as a part of this life’s conditioning is a helpful framework to hold around this part of us. Seeing the ego in its rightful place is one way to help us live in the largest context of God Consciousness, the Universe or whatever you call the deepest/highest Reality. 

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       Posted: 4/29/2010 10:35:05 AM

Great, thoughtful article! Thanks.

       Posted: 4/29/2010 10:41:42 AM

Great article!

       Posted: 4/29/2010 4:46:07 PM

The real "I" or ego is spiritual and therefore never be less then perfect.

Eugene Tiffany       Posted: 9/9/2010 1:46:11 PM

It amazes me just how many pop-psychologist put down the ego. In clinical psychology the "ego" is the rational mind or perception. The self-aware self. It is the incarnate self-conscious awareness, but it is not any over-lord or mystical form of the Self. (Note the capital "S.") And if this self-awareness becomes repressed one losses consciousness. So what is the point of doing that? Why put down the ego?

The main problem at hand is that some pop-psychologists are referring what is called being "egotistic" when they talk about the "ego" and while the two words are similar sounding and looking they mean two entirely different things. One is an undesirable personality trait and the other an essential condition of consciousness.

And because so many modern-times Self-Help speakers are applying the word, "ego," incorrectly these days, they all believe that the ego is, indeed, a bad guy and needs to be put down. There''s this common agreement. And it is messing up many people''s spiritual envolvement. It''s really quite the problem.

I wish I could think of an alternate word to use in place of "ego" in consideration of its actual meaning as it applies to the rational/logical mind and perception, i.e., the self-aware self. I would use it in replacement of the word, "ego," and leap out of the confusion, and leave the word, "ego," to the pop-psychologists and their dumping on it. But since I can''t think of an alternate word I know I need to fight them about what the word, "ego," actually means.

CrazyHorse       Posted: 9/22/2010 6:34:30 PM

No EGO no contrast..no contrasts and the cosmos stops expanding and changing...ENDEDNESS.....!!!!

Gavin Hoole       Posted: 10/28/2010 11:06:30 AM

It''s about time the ego got a break! And it''s good to see that people are no longer buying into all the ego bashing that takes place in the name of self-improvement, enlightenment and spiritual development.

Eugene''s post echoes a similar blog post of mine of some months ago.

Thank you for your article Dr Jennifer! :-)

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