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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

How Shaming Children Impacts Them Long-Term
Posted: 4/18/2014 PermaLink

Someone brought two videos to my attention recently. One was of toddlers given lemons to suck on, and the other appeared to be a father mocking his 10-year-old son, who was upset about something. Many people had viewed these videos, and the comments were mostly positive. People thought they were funny. But both of the videos were very sad to me. As a psychotherapist who works with children and families, these videos aren't funny. They are shaming, cruel, and a violation of the child's trust in their parents and caretakers. ...
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5 Signs You're In the Right Relationship
Posted: 4/15/2014 PermaLink

Do you feel unsure about the relationship you're currently in? Do you have doubts? You might think, “It seems right, but how can I know for sure?” If you need confirmation that you're in the right relationship, then it's helpful to take a step back and look at what's going on. It's important to see what's going on inside of you, as well as what's happening in the relationship. ...
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The First Commandment Speaks of Our Oneness
Posted: 4/8/2014 PermaLink

In the beginning of the Ten Commandments, God first says to Moses: "I am the Lord thy God," and then says, "Have no other Gods before me." This First Commandment has great meaning from many perspectives. To begin with, God is announcing, I AM the One. ...
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